Technical Consultancy

CRHTEC, or CRH Technical Consultancy Center, aims to encourage the proper use of our products, promote and ensure their expected performance, while reinforcing our commitment to preserving the environment.

The technical team is composed of highly qualified professionals with experience in concrete technology, specialized in Materials Technology, and continuously updated.

Therefore, CRH offers technical sales, pre-sales, and after-sales support, providing customers with top-quality technical support and the training services described below:

  • Optimizing ratios with CRH cements;
  • Research and development of products;
  • Rational proportioning of concrete and mortar;
  • Technological control for the customer;
  • Comparative tests;
  • Interlaboratory services.


  • Adhesive mortar – Determination of adhesion strength;
  • Adhesive mortar – Determination of open time;
  • Mortar proportioning;
  • Mortar water retention;
  • Air entrainment.
  • Adhesive mortar – Determination of creep;
  • Unconfined compression strength;
  • Tensile strength in flexure;
  • Preparation of mortar and molding;
  • Potential adhesion – Panel test


  • Determination of consistency through slump/spreading;
  • Concrete proportioning with aggregate study;
  • Axial compression strength;
  • Concrete setting time;
  • Abrams Curves.
  • Specific gravity:
  • Sclerometer test;
  • Deformation module test;
  • Diametrical compression strength;
  • Tensile strength in flexure;
  • Air entrainment level;


  • Absorption and specific gravity;
  • Fine material that passes through 0.075 sieve;
  • Organic impurities;
  • Specific gravity of fine-grained aggregates;
  • Powdered material quality.
  • Unit mass in loose and compacted state;
  • Granulometric composition;
  • Fine-grained aggregate swelling;
  • Clay content in clumps and friable materials;


  • Water required for normal consistency;
  • Chemical analysis;
  • Fineness #200 sieve;
  • Specific gravity;
  • Setting time;
  • Blaine
  • Specific area;
  • Plasticity by Le Chatelier test;
  • Fineness #325 sieve
  • Compression strength;
  • End of setting;


CRH Multifunctional Laboratory promotes the technical and technological development of cement companies and industries in the civil construction sector. It aims to improve processes and materials, thus contributing to the performance of end products.

CRH is committed to dealing with the customer in a complete, respectful, ethical, and transparent manner.