Health and safety are key values and the responsibility of everyone who works at CRH. Our Health and Safety Policy is strictly applied to all companies in the Group and consists of the following directives:

Comply with all applicable laws and continuously improve our Health and Safety practices in accordance with the best industrial practices;

Ensure that our employees and contractors respect the mandatory Health and Safety Standards;

Ensure that our companies provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and contractors, and take due care with all visitors and customers at our Operating Units;

Require all our employees and contractors to work safely, as required by law and best industrial practices.

Health and Safety Management System

Health and safety management is a daily priority in all CRH companies and locations. CRH’s health and safety management systems are well-established and regularly reviewed, taking into account the best practices in the industry

CRH has stepped up its efforts to eliminate fatalities from its operations and has introduced improved procedures to make sure the circumstances surrounding these events are promptly identified and the lessons learned are quickly shared throughout the Group.

At CRH, the only acceptable target is ZERO LOSS.

A robust system based on the qualification, training, and workplace environment of people, assertive planning, and preliminary risk assessment and safety observations is the fundamental pillar in CRH’s Health and Safety framework.